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Wild Rena likes to have fun with playthings!

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Hentai Picture: Wild Rena likes to have fun with playthings!
A lot of Anime sheilas’ charlies bouncing at deep cock thrusts and the most frugal godheads which are changed into erotic gauds. Rena teaches her bucko pastance and betakes him to lose cherry finally… Whores from Anime are eager to have it, eager to have their pussies pumped, willing to give blowjobs, for their cum holes to be plugged and to cum!

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Anime Porn Story: "Wasp"

Jesse slowly lifted her head over the window sill and stared across the ruined streets of Riverside and shook her head. There was no way she was going to make it back to the Shelter by sundown, it was too far and the hour too late. If she’d been listening to what everybody told her about watching the sun instead of trusting her watch she would have been okay. She certainly wouldn’t have wandered as far as she had from the Shelter.She took a moment and stared up at cloud filled sky and screamed at the as loud as she could cursing anything that could hear her. A lot of people had become religions as the Holocaust but not Jesse. Jesse had known as soon as the missiles were launched that God was dead. The major cities and military bases had been hit the worst but it turned out it was true what they said in movies or had said in the movies when they still existed. Between the USA and Russia there were enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world twice over. They did. Just in case anything had been missed though England, France, India, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea all pitched in.In a single horrific day mankind had gone from a worldwide population of nearly eight billion people to a population of . . . nobody was really sure. The best guesses were around sixty million but there could easily have been more. The Americas hadn’t heard much from the Old World since the event. There were no ships left, and nobody with the knowledge to build a wooden ship able to cross an ocean. Some people thought that you might be able to walk the Berring Straight again like the ancestors of the American Indian had done, just pass straight from Alaska to Russia on foot. Nobody wanted to test it though. Southern California once known for it’s balmy near perfect weather now averaged just over si Continue reading

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